Phoebe’s Doodles of Texas: Labradoodles Field Tested – Baby Approved

At Phoebe’s Doodles of Texas, we are dedicated to providing exceptional family labradoodles and reliable hunting companions through quality breeding practices and scrutinized genetic analysis at a reasonable price for all. We exclusively provide multigen labradoodles with a guarantee that our labradoodles are allergy and asthma friendly, and have a non-shedding coat.

Founded by breeder and trainer Chris snd Krysta Vogt in 2015, Phoebe’s Doodles of Texas came into being after we spent countless months researching breeds in search of a dog that doesn’t shed, doesn’t smell, is great with kids, and is a great hunting dog. We found the perfect dog when we adopted Lois Lane.

Lois’s Credentials:

Hip/elbow Dysplasia – Good/Normal   LOIS LANE HIP TEST   LOIS LANE ELBOW TEST

Eye – cleared   LOIS LANE EYE TEST

Pedigree – see attched   Lois Lane United Pet Registry Cert

Lois Lane Vogt is a multi-gen labradoodle weighing 45 pounds and measuring 22 inches from the ground to the top of her shoulder. She has a beautiful non-shedding apricot wool coat. She is the sweetest and most empathetic dog we have ever known. She is playful and fun when you need her to be, but can be a warm lap dog when you want to be lazy on your couch. From the first day Lois Lane came home at 8 weeks of age, she began training with Chris to become a hunting companion. She has quickly mastered all the essential hunting commands from sit, to a land-water-land double blind retrieve. She loves duck and dove hunting-especially when she gets her beard full of feathers. She has become a reliable hunting dog but an even better big sister.



Since the birth of our daughter Phoebe, Lois Lane has been a protective and loving big sister to her. She always knows how to make Phoebe laugh whenever she gets fussy. She lets Phoebe climb on her like a jungle gym and pull on all her long spirally locks of hair. She is also sweet and cautious enough to tip toe around Phoebe when she crawls or plays on the floor. We are truly blessed that we have a dog that loves our girl as much as we do.

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